Web-series Pilot - 2018

Co-writer/Director of Photography

The concept of ‘Backup Pills’ is based around the idea of people in their 20’s struggling with life issues such as relationships and dating, careers, money, health and social lives in the present day.


‘Backup Pills’ will feature Sophie as the main character, an average 26-year-old going through the everyday struggles of her twenties and figuring out her life. She often wonders about what her life would be like if she had taken a different path, or made a different decision. Ten special pills come into her possession, which allows her to travel back in time to a period of her choice. She can do whatever she wants at that moment, change something, or do something she wished she had done the first time, but she only has one hour in the past before she comes back to the present day, where she will discover something else in her life that has inevitably gone wrong due to her alteration of the past.

'BACKUP PILLS' - Web-series Pilot

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