Social Media Project - 2017

RMIT's Master of Media - Best Project for Social Media Promotion

Producer/Graphic Designer/Social Media Manager

The digital story, '#CoffeeRMIT' is a social media project that promotes and celebrates coffee's intangible values among the student's community at RMIT University. It specifically focuses on the significant diversity of the coffee's world, and its role of being a common favourite beverage, connecting people across cultures.


The message of the project is to inspire and motivate audiences to share their coffee on social media platforms through the use of the hashtag #coffeermit, not only as a contribution to a public collection of coffee specialties but also as a gateway to reach out and connect with fellow students who share the same interest. In today's society, coffee lovers often overlook the importance of the drink in the rush of everyday life. Therefore, it is a great way for unknowing coffee lovers to learn by looking at how many people are loving coffee just as much as they do. At the same time, they might discover some new coffee recipes from different cultures that they did not know before.

'#COFFEERMIT' - Short interviews

'#COFFEERMIT' - website

'#COFFEERMIT' - social media posts

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