'Struggling with depression, Lowell demetita, an enthusiastic urban dancer, confronts his emotional state and comes to an acceptance of himself through the art of body movement.'



Lowell Demetita, a 27-year-old urban choreographer and dancer – reveals his struggle with depression.  He expresses the feeling of uncertainty and nothingness which he experienced during his teenage years, grappling with the difficulty in finding a purpose and motivation to move forward in life. He shares his experience to the world by recreating his darkest feelings through choreography. Although he wins a dance competition with the performance, he cannot escape the gravity of depression, and helplessly falls back into it. Eventually, his passion lights the way out of this darkness and gives him a mode by which he can express himself through the freedom of body movement and accept himself for who he is. 

'DANCE' - short documentary film

'DANCE' - website

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