Short Animatic Film - 2017


'An architecture student finds himself caught between the two vastly distinct realities, that are the world of design, freedom, creativity, and the horrendous physical world...'



As an architectural student, I’ve suffered those overnight, early morning pushes for design studio by the end of a semester like everyone else has. It is common that we usually fail to take care of ourselves properly during these periods, having spent way too much time on the computer, working on some spectacular designs that might not ever be built. It is archetypal but strange that our priority in life is to make sure that those imaginative designs are provocative, well-thought, beautiful, detailed and delivered on time, rather than having a healthy, sociable lifestyle. It is that imaginative world where anything you could dream of becoming possible, real and satisfy your designer’s ego, becomes another alternative reality for architectural designers.


My vision for the film is to express the differences and contrasts between the two “realities” that we’ve been through every day. While the ‘physical’ reality is actually where you’re living at, your mind is still floating somewhere in the creative ‘imaginative’ world. The question is, what is real and what is not? The answer would probably be obvious for a normal person but for us architectural geeks? Maybe put on our shoes, explore the world as we see it, and find out.

'MY REALITY' - Short Animatic Film

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