Animated Vlog - 2018


'Using merely willpower and self-motivation, I overcome my own laziness that kept me within my comfort zone, to confront my responsibilities head-on.'



The short animated vlog 'My Story' is a light-hearted approach to tell my personal journey of overcoming one of my greatest weaknesses - laziness, which had kept me within my comfort zone and left me beaten black and blue by life's unavoidable responsibilities. Not happy with my own situation, I decided to make a small change in my life that leads to a positive revolution that I did not foresee. The animated vlog is a statement that change comes from within ourselves, and only us who have the strengths to change life for the better. Sometimes all we need is a reason (or hitting rock-bottom).

'MY STORY' - Short animated vlog

© 2018 by Minh Quang Ha

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