Short Documentary Film - 2018


'Il One, a Korean artist who pursues graffiti painting as a lifestyle, wishes to inspire his two beautiful daughters to find and follow their own dreams.'


Il One, a Korean artist locally based in Melbourne, pursues graffiti painting as a career. It is by no means as easy as it sounds - despite being understood and supported not only by his family but also the cultural acceptance of artists and creatives in Melbourne, He has a strong artistic desire and wishes to express it in his own way, however, it is not always appreciated by the public or the clients. Despite the difficulties, he embraces and demonstrates his personal identity surrounding urban art in the hope of inspiring his two beautiful daughters to find and follow their own dreams. No matter what life puts you through, parental love worths more than what money can buy. The short documentary film 'The Korean Graffiti Dad' is an individual production for VICE Media Australia.

'THE KOREAN GRAFFITI DAD' - short documentary film

© 2018 by Minh Quang Ha

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